Fishing Reel Repair

D & R Enterprizes offers a full line of Fishing Reel Repair 
           Services*.  These services and their fees are as follows:            
    Please Call or email(contact form) before dropping off or shipping any reel as some reels are not repairable!         Others are not worth repairing(cost  is more than reel is worth.)  And some reel Manufacturers do not maintain a   supply of repair parts!    A general rule is, if the reel cost less than $50 retail, it is not worth repairing(cleaning yes, not repairing).  Also if it is not a mainstream brand (Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, Daiwa, Quantium/Zebco, Okuma  and other similar brands) there will not be parts available.  

          Servicing:  Clean, Inspect and relube a reel                                 $14.00 per reel
      Repair:    Clean, Inspect, relube and replace worn or damaged parts.  $14.00    
            per reel plus  cost of parts
        Up Grade Bearings, Drag Washers or Handle                          $14.00 per reel 
            plus cost of upgrade parts
 (Please call or email(contact form) for quotes on upgrades as  these vary  considerably for each reel.)
  Reels may be dropped off at our shop:  1251 Stone Road             
             Yakima, Washington   98908
        Shipped to:                                         
 D & R Enterprizes               
1251 Stone Road                
Yakima, Washington   98908